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Special Applications

Tooth x Tooth


Sprockets for heavy construction equipment are hardened two at a time utilizing the tooth-by-tooth hardening method followed by a submerged quench.

Het Treating Sprockets




Spur & Helical Gears
Tooth-by-tooth hardening of large spur and helical gears ranging to 180” diameter are processed on Ajax TOCCO designed machines. Gears can weigh up to 15,000 pounds. The three axis controls precisely control inductor and part movement to assure consistent case depths on each tooth.

Spur & Helical Gears

High Volume

Bearing Pins & Axles
Bearing pins and axles are induction hardened on Ajax TOCCO single, dual and triple lane systems. Production rates range up to 3600 parts per hour.

Bearing Pins & Axles

Dial Index Tables

Wheel Hubs
Wheel hubs, transmission races, hand tools, gears and mining tools are processed using turntables. These turntables are used for hardening, tempering and annealing parts with multiple processes or high production rates.

Heat Treating Wheel Hubs


Journals & Pins
Truck engine crankshaft main journals and pins are induction hardened on a three station cell. Station one hardens the mains, stations two and three harden the pins. The system has five power supplies which are shared between the three stations. The cell stations are robotically loaded and unloaded.

Journals & Pins


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