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Horizontal Scanners


Strut Shafts
Strut shafts are induction hardened and tempered using Ajax TOCCO spin feed systems. Parts are conveyed into variable speed skewed rolls to control forward motion. Case depths of 1-2 mm are typical.

Horizontal Scanner Strut Shafts


Chrome shafts used for cylinder rods and linear shafting ranging from 1" to 4" diameter up to 25' long are induction hardened utilizing drum roll scanners. Ball screws are also hardened on similar systems. These horizontal fixtures provide independent rotation speed and precision forward motion to minimize distortion. Magnescan TQMS controls include recipe management to precisely control hardened areas including skip hardening.

Horizontal Scanner Shafts


Drum roll scanners induction harden and temper mill rolls ranging up to 8" diameter and to 14' long. The fixture provides deep case hardening of the body and shallow case hardening of the journals.

Horizontal Scanner Rolls


Pipe & Tube
Quench & Temper lines are capable of continuously producing heat treated long products in capacities exceeding 36 tons per hour.

Horizontal Scanner Pipe & Tube


Axle Shafts
Heavy construction drive shafts are deep case induction hardened using Ajax TOCCO horizontal lathe type scanners. Shafts up to 4" diameter and 180" in length are processed using driven head and tail stocks with steady rests to support the part during hardening and load/unload.

Horizontal Scanner for Axle Shafts


Solid bars - 20’ long and ranging from 7/8" to 3-1/2" in diameter - are austenitized, quenched and tempered continuously on this in-line induction system at a rate of 3 tons per hour.

Horizontal Scanner for Bars


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