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Vertical Scanners

As proof of our continuous commitment to the industry, the following Ajax TOCCO installations are offered as examples of small and large, simple and sophisticated applications. Is there a process in your plant for Ajax TOCCO induction heat treating?


Turbine Shafts
Turbine shafts are induction case hardened to a depth of 0.055" on a single spindle standard duty scanner (SD Scanpak). Magnescan JC controls provide recipe management. An operator loads and unloads parts at a rate of 54 parts per hour.

Vertical Scanner for Turbine Shafts


Input Steering and Compressor Shafts
Robots are used to load and unload Ajax TOCCO vertical scanners. This single spindle scanner automatically hardens power steering input shafts at 120 parts per hour. A separate spindle is provided for tempering.

Input Steering and Compressor Shafts


Truck axle tube assemblies ranging to 4" in diameter and 40" long are induction hardened in Ajax TOCCO single and dual spindle heavy duty scanners.

Verticle Scanner for Axles


Steering Racks
Ajax TOCCO dual spindle medium duty scanners induction harden and temper automotive steering racks with 3 and 10 kHz. Robots load and unload parts to produce up to 80 parts per hour. Magnescan TQMS controls precisely control and monitor the induction energy and quench parameters.

Verticle Scanner Steering Racks


Pins ranging from 1" to 5" in diameter and up to 48" long are processed on Ajax TOCCO standard extra heavy duty scanners.

Verticle Scanner for Pins


Flanged Axles
Flanged axles for rear wheel drive automotive and truck applications are induction scan hardened on heavy duty vertical scanners. Inductors and quench utilize quick change tooling.

Verticle Scanner Flanged Axles


Off-highway drive shafts and axles are hardened to case depths of 8-16mm. Frequencies of 1 to 3 kHz provide precise controls.

Verticle Scanner Axles


Bearings are induction through hardened on single and dual spindle scanners. Magnescan TQMS controls assure accurate repeatability and monitoring of parameters.

Verticle Scanners for Bearings


Torsion Bars
Square shafts used for torsion bars are induction hardened and tempered on medium duty scanners.

Verticle Scanners for Torsion Bars


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