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Controls & Monitors

Magnescan TQMS Controls
Ajax TOCCO's premiere control for heat treating applications is our Magnescan TQMS (Total Quality Monitoring System). This control provides a touch screen HMI with PC interfaced to a PLC and Servo for controlling all operating parameters on the system. Power supply functions, energy levels, scan speeds and position, quench temperatures, cycle times, rotation speed, etc., are all controlled with this system. In addition, the system monitors all of these functions, stores all critical parameters for each part and provides for SPC data manipulation and graphing. Part recipes are stored in the PC and storage is only limited by hard drive capacity. All hardware and process alarms are displayed and stored for future reference. System diagnostics, as well as equipment drawings and manuals are stored for maintenance or operator use. Multiple screens display equipment status, process status, part recipes, SPC functions, and much more.

Magnescan TQMS

Process Monitor
The Process Monitor is a stand-alone package available for equipment retrofit that provides all of the monitoring features of the Magnescan TQMS package without the control. The existing equipment controls are retained for equipment functions, however most of these functions can be monitored by the process monitor, including energy levels, where they are stored and manipulated for SPC just as in the TQMS control package.

Process Monitor

Custom Controls
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic maintains an expert staff of controls engineers who have the capability to design custom control packages for any type of process control. Any control package from the very basic to the most sophisticated can be developed for your application.

Controls & Monitors Recipe Screen


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