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ForgeView and ForgeView Plus

The ForgeView Plus System is an intelligent HMI terminal that provides the operator direct access to the induction heater’s controls. With a few key strokes, the unit automatically sets up all the operating parameters for a given part.

The operator can control all functions of the induction heating system from the ForgeView Plus terminal including all material handling.

A graphic pictorial screen representing the complete induction system simulates the flow of billets through the induction heater along with a display of pertinent data of the process.

ForgeView Plus provides precise and rapid setup for various production operations. Once a proper operating condition has been established for a specific part, it can be saved for later recall.

The ForgeView Plus System incorporates Incremental Temperature Control (ITC). Final billet temperature is continually monitored and this information is used to reset the power supply output before the final billet temperature reaches either the over or under limit..

The production summary screens provides a current and accumulated status for the number of billets which have been processed through the heater which includes number of rejects for under temperature conditions or the number of rejects for over temperature conditions which are not reusable and should be accounted for under a quality control program.

Multiple screens are provided for interrogating any fault conditions along with suggested corrections by the operator or maintenance personnel. One viewing the screens will see an active fault “blinking” with a highlighted color condition.

Periodic maintenance schedules are established within the induction heater control system and alerts the maintenance personnel when miscellaneous actions are required based on production time or other criteria.


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