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Induction Heating Components

System Power and Reliability
Experience and know-how play an important role in recommending the right equipment to handle your heating requirements dependably and economically. Properly designed induction heating equipment offers many advantages. The difference in equipment is in its reliability and the way it is applied to solve a heating problem. Each component has a function to perform. The components selected are developed by Ajax TOCCO specifically for induction heating applications. As a result, we offer a full range of frequencies, power sources, and inductor designs to insure that each installation is designed for your specific application.

In addition, Ajax TOCCO’s power supplies have been streamlined to occupy 50% less floor space than competitive units. Ajax TOCCO has also solved the age old problem of how to heat a wide range of workpieces at the highest electrical efficiency with the minimal number of coil sets. Transmission losses have been minimized by shortening lead lengths, butting coils end to end, and making use of integral power systems.

Whether your forging system demands an incremental feed, a continuous feed, or a propulsion system that keep billets separated, Ajax TOCCO has modern, proven units in the field plus the technology to select and furnish the best equipment for the forger’s needs. A full time research and development department is also available for test heats or laboratory work.


Automatic load table


Fast Extractor

Fast Extractor


Patented wooble wheel at exit end of machine
and ID of coil with hard faced coated water
cooled wear rails


Replaceable coil liners

Dual powered pinch roll drive

Dual powered pinch roll drive drives
with standard urethane wheels or
optional metal drive wheels


Step Feeder

Step feeder

Feeder Loader

Feeder loader

Optional caterpillar drive

Optional caterpillar drive system

Pick and place robot arm 

Pick and place robot arm 

Bin bowl and material handling

Bin bowl and material handling


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