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Application Considerations

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Advanced Technology
Ajax TOCCO continues to refine induction technology offering the most efficient and flexible heating systems to the forging market. Utilizing “cast brick” or “open coil” inductor technology, we supply heating systems designed to meet customer’s thermal requirements and increase process efficiencies required to meet the challenging demands of the world economy.

For typical heating applications, we provide increased operating efficiencies, reduction in installation cost plus minimizing floor space by offering our MonoForge, PowerForge and PowerZone heating systems.

For larger applications we market our standard heating concepts, which are easily modularized to meet our customer’s specific process applications.

Power Systems
Our power supplies are the proven choice. Their patented designs, operating into a 3 to 1 conductance range, minimize the number of inductors required, thus reducing capital expense, insuring process integrity and reducing changeover time while increasing productivity and profits. Control and monitoring of our systems is provided through our “FORGE VIEW” control packages, which monitor and control the power supply, billet feeding system and temperature of the billets.

Standard controls are PLC based, offering basic power and system monitoring. When process requirements dictate more precise control and monitoring, PC based controls can be supplied with capability to monitor and/or upgrade operating parameters via the internet, utilizing our ForgeView and ForgeView Plus technology, allowing the user to change production requirements as needed to meet their customer’s needs.

We offer billet feeding solutions via pinch wheel, pusher, and caterpillar type drive units. For special applications, a walking beam fixture may be considered.

Technical Support and Service
With our ability to integrate billet handling systems plus offering “turnkey” installation, Ajax TOCCO has the engineering, technical, service and spare parts network in position to meet the needs of the forging industry as we meet the challenges of an ever changing global market.

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