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Ajax TOCCO PowerForge

PowerForge Technical Specifications:

  • Power Range: 300 kW – 2,400 kW
  • Frequency Range: 500 Hz – 30 kHz
  • Input Line Voltage: 3 phase, 380 – 575 Vac


  • IGBT PowerBlock technology
  • Minimal floor space requirement
  • Turn-key operation
  • Built-in heat station
  • Built-in power supply
  • Built-in pinch roll drive
  • Built-in exit conveyor
  • Quick change coil(s)


  • ForgeView or ForgeView Plus technology
  • SCR power supply
  • Coil shuttle
  • Cooling water recirculating systems
  • Loaders / feeders
  • ProSolv software
  • Coil cassettes
  • Replacement liners
  • Wear rails


PowerForge induction forge heater 

PowerForge induction forge heater - 2,000 kW system

PowerForge Induction Heater
The Ajax TOCCO PowerForge design integrates the entire induction system, including the water cooling system, onto a common base for a quick, efficient installation that conserves floor space. Whether you need 500 lbs per hour or 12,000 lbs per hour, heating billets or bar ends, Ajax TOCCO has over 147 years of combined experience to provide systems which meet your requirements for maximum efficiency.


Two PowerForge 800 KW Systems

PowerForge 800 KW Double System


PowerForge 800 KW System




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