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Advanced Induction Heating Technology for E-Motor Applications

Induction heating is ideal for heating a wide variety of E-motor components and applications. Induction is a direct, non-contact, controllable, efficient heat source that allows parts to be heated quickly and accurately. Parts can be heated individually or in batches and heating times are measured in just seconds, eliminating preheat times and reducing energy costs. Any required process temperature is possible with repeatable and traceable results. Induction heating is highly adaptable thanks to custom engineered, interchangeable heating inductors, allowing a wide range of parts to be heated using the same Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic system.

Our 100% air cooled 5kW induction heating system can be used for any E-motor assembly application requiring temperatures below 400F (higher temperatures up to 1000’s of degrees require water cooled tooling). 
E-Motor Induction Heated Parts

Typical E-motor Manufacturing Applications:
• Powder coat curing
• Magnet bonding
• Varnish cure
• Varnish impregnation
• Stator housing shrink fit
• Armature/rotor shaft shrink fit
• Bearing shrink fit
• Armature/rotor shaft heat hardening
• Ferrous and non-ferrous melting for casting
• Aluminum extrusion
• Conductor brazing

Typical Battery Manufacturing Applications:
• Conductor soldering/brazing
• Precious metals melting/refining
• Rare Earth metals melting/refining
• Coatings and thin film drying
• Metals vapor deposition
• Adhesive bonding


Standard time-based or temperature-based controls provide accurate user defined thermal profiles for optimal, traceable cure cycles to ensure superior quality, one piece at a time. Ajax TOCCO's induction curing systems are easily scalable - from a few parts per hour to thousands of parts per hour and for motor components ranging from fractional HP motors to Megawatt Class Power Gen Systems.

Ajax TOCCO Low Power Products

Ajax TOCCO has earned an outstanding reputation within the Automotive and E-motor Manufacturing industry for reliability through superior technology and quality of design. Our reputation carries on after the sale with outstanding service and support from highly trained and dedicated field service engineers located strategically across North America and around the world. Ajax TOCCO is dedicated to maximizing the profitability of our customer partners. We are leading the way with new advanced process controls, data trending and new induction power source designs that minimize energy consumption and maximize process adaptability.

Stator Shrink Fit System Heated Parts



Induction Coil
Air-Cooled Induction Coil Assembly


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