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Vectrol 4111001188 Testing & Repair

A Vectrol electronic power controller for line frequency induction furnaces

vectrol 4111001188 circuit board


Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic’s® (ATM) circuit board repair facility has developed the capability of repairing and testing Vectrol phase angle control assemblies like the one pictured above. These control assemblies are critical to the operation of older line frequency induction melting furnaces and other applications.

For repair and testing of Vectrol Assembly #4111001188 ask for System Reliability Services when calling 330-­372-­8511 or 800.547.1527 / SRS@ajaxtocco.com

ATM’s circuit board repair facility offers competitive professional repairs using replacement components which meet or exceed the original specifications. Most repair work includes a warranty.

Note: Vectrol, Vectrol Inc., Sprague Electric, Dynacor are not affiliated in any way with Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation.

Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corporation is both an original equipment manufacturer and a parts and service provider for all brands of electric induction heating and melt systems used mainly in metal processing industries. Through its System Reliability Services group, ATM offers field services including scheduled maintenance and replacement parts for all brands of induction.

Download PDF Version: Vectrol 4111001188

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