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EnergyPLUS Monitor

AF and RF Induction Heating Energy Monitor

Technical Specifications:

Input Signals—
   Frequency Range: DC – 50 kHz
   Volt Input: 5 VRMS or 220 VRMS for 100% Volts
   Amp Input: 2.84 VRMS for 100% Amps
Input Line Voltage: 115 VAC ±10%, single phase 50 / 60 Hz


Monitoring of AF and RF Energy

The Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic EnergyPLUS Monitor is a process control instrument developed for monitoring of AF and RF energy in kW-sec. The unit is extremely accurate because it measures power at the coil, not at the power supply. This capability allows more precise control of heat patterns, case depth and quality.

The Ajax TOCCO EnergyPLUS Monitor is compatible
with radio frequency and lower frequency induction
heating power supplies.


Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic – A Global Leader in Induction Heating Technology

Ajax TOCCO manufactures general purpose AF and RF power supplies specifically designed for heating and heat treating applications. In addition to a wide range of power supplies, we manufacture vertical and horizontal scan hardening systems, load matching stations, lift and rotate machines, crankshaft machines and induction equipment
for forging and mass heating applications.


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energy plus monitor
Energy PLUS Monitor

Features & Benefits:

  • Precise accuracy over a broad operating range
  • Percent kW-second is displayed on a 4-digit LED in 0.5 inch high numerals
  • Contact outputs provided for high and low output, out of limit conditions, latch unit reset, NO and NC
  • Engineered for long life, reliability and safety
  • Built to NEMA specifications
  • Immune to RF fields
  • Operating temperature range of 50° to 140°F (10° to 60°C)
  • Compact design with external connections and switches
  • Easily retrofitted to existing RF and lower frequency work stations
  • Factory-calibrated
  • Uses replaceable voltage and current transducers
  • Maintenance can be performed in house
  • Three count speeds available via toggle switch (1x, 10x, 100x)
  • Over range indication
  • Test mode button to verify display count and contact operation


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