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Pacer RF
20 kW and 40 kW

The Solid State Solution for RF Induction Heating Applications

Technical Specifications:
Power Range:
20 kW and 40 kW
Frequency Range: 100 - 500 kHz
Input Line Voltage: 480 Vac, 3 phase, 50 / 60 Hz
Input Power Factor: .95

Features & Benefits

  • Efficient, precision heating
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Compact, rugged, dependable in harsh industrial environments
  • State of the art power conversion technology
  • Ultimate load matching flexibility
  • Internal trending and data logging
  • Conservative 100% duty cycle rating
  • High resolution, all-digital logic
  • 100-500 kHz frequency range - ideal for heating small diameter wire, thin wall tubing / sheet, shallow case hardening, etc.
  • Transformer isolated output
  • Internal load matching components for a reduced footprint and simplified installation
  • Minimal water consumption and highly efficient power circuit to minimize water cooling requirements
  • Automatic load frequency tracking with a generous tuning window for little or no user required load matching adjustments
  • Optional compact remote capacitor banks for remote mounting the heating coil up to 25 ft. away from the power supply
  • CE certification

Download the Pacer RF PDF

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic’s MAGNETHERMnet power control system links power to process controls through technology previously unseen in induction power supplies.

Link your system

  • Ethernet Industrial Communications
  • Remote monitoring
  • Control the process
  • Simplify integration with existing PLC’s and other industrial controllers

Take the guess work out

  • RMS and/or percent values
  • High visibility metering
  • Independent fault annunciation with diagnostic help
  • Monitor your process with feedback signal trending
  • Power window with conductance tracking
  • Power, voltage and current regulation modes
  • Automatic load tracking


Full Color Touch Screen Diagnostic Control Features
Easy to view large format metering via the onboard full color touch screen display allows for quick process verification and access to a full range of key diagnostic and control features.



Pacer RF Power Supply
Pacer RF Power Supply

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