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Coil Repair & Reconditioning

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Readying your spare coil, furnace or inductor for use
Ajax TOCCO is an established leader in the service of induction heating and melting and a major supplier of replacement parts and components for all brands and types of induction equipment. Through our network of eight North American service centers, we recondition induction components either meeting OEM specifications or surpassing them by implementing performance enhancements brought about through our extensive aftermarket experience. We can recondition virtually any electromagnetic device including:

  • Coreless induction coils and shunts
  • Coreless induction composite box and steel structure furnaces
  • Channel furnace and coating pot inductor assemblies
  • Induction coils for billet forging and extrusion processes
  • Induction heating coils for pipe and rebar coating lines
  • Specialty brazing and heat treating inductors
  • Induction heating coils for steel mill applications
  • Induction heating coils for high temperature graphitizing and hot press applications
  • Induction power supplies, heat treating fixtures and other process machinery
  • Electromagnetic ladle and strand stirring coil assemblies
Refurbished Inductotherm Assembly
Refurbished Inductotherm line melt inductor assembly


Reconditioning Furnace Coils
Coreless furnace coils being reconditioned

New aftermarket products:

  • Complete melting furnaces including coil and power interconnection
  • Spare or new design induction heating coils
  • Heat treating inductors
  • Coil insulation rings and pre-cut shunt insulation materials
  • Coil skid rails, end plates, and parts
  • Water-cooled power cables, non-conductive rubber hose and stainless steel bands
  • Coil shipping and handling jigs

We also carry an inventory of used and reconditioned induction power supplies, components and systems for sale - call us for availability.

Induction Coil Repair Services

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