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Meter Calibration

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How accurate is your metering?
The meters provided with your induction power supplies and control systems display vital information about your heating or melting process. As electronic equipment ages, its component values can change outside of their original manufactured tolerances. Combined, these small changes can add up to a large difference in displayed input or output voltage, amperage, kilowatts, power factor, and frequency. Likewise, safeguard power supply electronic operating limits can also be affected.

Ajax TOCCO’s Field Service Engineers arrive at your plant fully equipped and trained to re-calibrate metering and electronic limits to ± 2%.

Our engineers use instrumentation traceable to NIST.

Re-calibrate metering and electronic limits


Scheduled Maintenance Services

Technician performing meter calibration
When combined with a P.M., meter calibration gives you the assurance that your equipment will operate safely at maximum output and efficiency.

All induction power supplies need to be calibrated yearly to remain certified under TS-16949 industry standards. Having your meters calibrated and re-certified may also help with your facility’s ISO certification.

Analog & digital metering either direct or percent of maximum
Analog or digital metering.
Direct reading or percent of maximum - all can be field calibrated.

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