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Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

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Why gamble with your production?
Induction system downtime is often avoided just by implementing a good Preventative Maintenance program. That’s why Ajax TOCCO developed P.M. procedures for any brand and each type of power system and will customize the overall program to meet your specific equipment arrangement and application.

P.M.’s are professionally completed at your facility during a scheduled outage and cover the entire induction system(s).

A complete electro-mechanical P.M.
A complete electro-mechanical P.M. can uncover underlying issues so they could be corrected long before a major downtime event occurs.

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Scheduled Maintenance Services

Infrared thermal image showing overheating
Infrared thermal image showing overheating inside of the induction power supply panel.

Other scheduled maintenance services:*

  • Predictive maintenance is accomplished using
    infrared thermal imaging equipment. Our trained
    technicians can interpret the images to pinpoint
    problems and correct them well in advance of a
  • Meter calibration
  • Replacement of rubber hose, water system clean, flush and fill
  • Electromagnetic field mapping, thermal and vibration analysis
  • Engineered field upgrades
  • Maintenance contracts

* Details on separate pages below:

PM Using Infrared Thermal Imaging
Water System Clean, Flush & Fill
Maintenance Contracts
Meter Calibration
Electromagnetic Field Mapping
Engineered Field Upgrades
Convection Oven Services

Call System Reliability Services (SRS) today to request a quotation for this or any of our other Scheduled Maintenance Services.

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