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Toccotron Power Supplies

The Toccotron is a family of solid-state radio frequency power supplies developed byAjax Tocco for higher frequency induction heating requirements.  

For more information about each model, please click on the model image or the (Details) link below the image. To download a PDF document for the model, click on the (PDF) link.

Toccotron SS Power Supply Details

Toccotron 400 Power Supply Details

Toccotron AC Power Supply Details

Toccotron SS (Details)
Toccotron SS (PDF)
20 to 360 kW, 100 to 200 kHz

Toccotron 400 (Details)
Toccotron 400 (PDF)
5 to 40 kW, 135 to 450 kHz

Toccotron AC Accessories (Details)
Toccotron AC (PDF)
5 to 25 kW, 10 to 50 kHz


Toccotron AC 5 kW Power Supply

Toccotron AC 25 kW Power Supply Details

Toccotron AC 35 kW Power Supply Details


Toccotron AC 5/10 kW (Details)
Toccotron AC 5/10 kW (PDF)
5 kW, 10 to 50 kHz 

Toccotron AC 25 kW (Details)
Toccotron AC 25 kW (PDF)
25 kW, 10 to 50 kHz

Toccotron AC 35 kW (Details)
Toccotron AC 35 kW (PDF)
35 kW, 5 to 30 kHz



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