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Inductron PT

Inductron PT Power SupplyVersatile Medium and
High Frequency Power Supply

The Inductron PT exemplifies leadership in new induction technology. This IGBT power source is versatile, compact, robust, and offers unmatched features. The microprocessor based systems offer direct communication links, on board diagnostics, and user friendly interfacing. Inductron PT, IGBT power supplies use internal load matching components. This saves space and ensures they are production ready.


  • Direct SCR and motor generator replacement
  • Delivers full power into 30 percent impedance swing
  • Operation ranges from 1 to 120 kHz, 25 to 1000 kW
  • Accommodates high load Q values
  • Safety Engineered
  • Provides simple user interface and SPC communication
  • Compact design saves space and eliminates interconnect
  • Provides high reliability of power and matching components


  • Solid state IGBT, full bridge design
  • Parallel tuned output
  • Diode rectifier available
  • Single tap to add capacitance
  • Integrated internal load matching components
  • Lower load capacitor and transformer voltages
  • Robust electrical design
  • Microprocessor based logic

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