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Premelt Systems

Premelt Scrap Metal Cleaning and Processing Systems

Ajax Tocco Magnethermic is proud to announce the addition of Premelt Systems to its growing international product line.

Premelt Systems, the premier supplier of complete non-ferrous and ferrous metal scrap cleaning and processing systems worldwide was founded in 1984 and entered the aluminum wheel industry in 1986. Premelt designs and builds systems to survive within the harshest of metal melting and casting environments. Our innovative metal processing equipment and techniques ultimately result in unprecedented operational efficiencies and cost reductions. 

Premelt first supplied the under floor chip collection equipment for Superior Industries and it was one of the world's first wheel making facilities where the aluminum chips were collected, cleaned, and re-melted in a closed-loop, in-house recycling process. Since that installation, more than fifty complete chip processing systems have been installed worldwide.

In August 2001, Lectrotherm Inc., acquired Premelt Systems and subsequently the entire product line was acquired by Ajax Tocco Magnethermic. Ajax Tocco will continue to evolve the Premelt concept to offer the maximum efficiency of design and products to provide the best the world has to offer in chip processing and melt submergence equipment.

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