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Reactive Metals / Specialty AlloysReactive metals and specialty alloys

Reactive Metals
Reactive metals and alloys are materials that readily combine with oxygen at elevated temperatures to form stable oxides, such as with titanium, zirconium, and beryllium. Reactive metals may also become embrittled by the interstitial absorption of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. Reactive metals and their alloys are often processed using induction cold wall crucible, plasma hearth or electron beam melting and refining methods.

Ajax TOCCO designs and manufactures specialized systems using a variety of thermal technologies for the processing of reactive alloys.

Specialty Alloys
Specialty alloys include: reactive alloys, superalloys, hydrogen storage alloys, precious metals, rare earth metals, intermetallics, and customer-proprietary alloys. They are manufactured utilizing a wide variety of processes and are used in almost a limitless number of applications and industries.

Ajax TOCCO designs and manufactures specialty systems involving thermal plasma, electron beam, induction, or induction processes for specialty alloys.

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