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Ajax Tocco Recognized for Contributions

Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corp. and Fireline, Inc. were recognized today for their contributions to Youngstown State University’s Collaborative Learning Laboratory (CoLab), a partnership between the university’s visual arts and engineering programs in the colleges of Fine & Performing Arts and STEM.

“I want to thank Fireline and Ajax Tocco for their generosity in advancing this initiative and for again taking the lead in yet another business-university collaboration,” YSU President Cynthia E. Anderson said.

Ajax Tocco of Warren designed and installed a new induction furnace in Bliss Hall that the departments of Art and Mechanical Engineering Technology are sharing to collaborate on various projects, including the creation of metal sculptures and machine parts. The furnace and installation are valued at about $150,000.

Molten metal is poured from a furnace“The equipment donation is about providing students with tools and experience for the future,” said Ted Burke, research development manager for Ajax Tocco.

See the entire story here: http://www.ysunews.com/ajax-tocco-fireline-colab-ysu-news/


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