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Ajax TOCCO Retrofits Customer’s Existing 35kW Induction Heater with Remote Mounted, Low Profile, Non-Contact Weld Preheat Inductor and Transformer

Contact: Jennifer Stanley
+1 330-372-8727

September 2017

IEM Weld Preheat SystemAjax TOCCO Magnethermic recently supplied a forestry products manufacturer with a compact remote transformer and low profile heating inductor to be used for preheating prior to GMAW. These items were sold as a field install kit that are compatible with and utilize the customer’s existing induction heating cables and accessories. The heating inductor floats above the weldment without making contact. Versatility and utilization of the 35 kW induction heater were immediately increased.

The customer had a need to be able to heat a rotating weldment with limited space between welds. Existing weld preheat inductors that roll on top of the weldment would not fit between the weldments, forcing the customer to rely combustion heating technology (torches).

Due to the safety issues and inconsistency associated with combustion heating, the customer reached out to experts at Ajax TOCCO for a solution to their challenges.

Ajax TOCCO was able to quickly analyze their process and custom build a compact, non-contact weld preheat inductor that provided pin point heating accuracy, rapid heat rates and repeatable traceable results. The size of the inductor is orders of magnitude smaller than existing weld preheat inductors currently offered for moving/rotating parts. The compact inductor can be located anywhere the weld torch can be positioned.

The 1-inch thick weldment is easily preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit at 18 inches per minute.

Ajax TOCCO air cooled induction weld preheat systems offer the many advantages including:

  • Controlled Cooling Rates
  • Increased Penetration
  • Increased Feed Rates
  • Improved Quality
  • Reduced Consumables
  • Improved Operator Comfort
  • Improved Safety
  • Decreased Energy Costs

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic®, a subsidiary of ParkOhio Holdings Corp.®, designs and manufactures world-class induction heating and melting equipment for various industries and applications throughout the world. In addition,the Company provides a range of services including laboratory process development, preventive maintenance, equipment repair, and parts, coil repair facilities and installation services through its locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

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