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Ajax TOCCO to Supply 30T Channel Induction Zinc Holding Furnace to Mining Company

Contact: Shirley Brasko
+1 330-372-8727

January 2015

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation received an order from a large mining company in Mexico for one (1) stationary channel induction furnace for holding and maintaining at temperature a bath of molten Zinc. The new furnace is designed to improve the facilities’ capacity by holding the molten Zinc poured from existing Ajax TOCCO melting furnaces in operation at the facility.

The scope of supply included:

  • (1) 30 Metric Ton Model “TEG” Stationary Zinc Holding Furnace
  • (1) 450 kw Ajax Jet-Flow® channel inductor
  • (1) 450 kw Power Control Unit & Operator Panel

Technical Advantages of the Ajax TOCCO Equipment:

  • Jet-Flow® Inductors are designed, developed and put into practical use exclusively by Ajax TOCCO.
  • Full Time Power Ratings. Jet-Flow® inductors operate at full rated power 24 hours per day throughout the life of the inductor.
  • Maximum Controlled Metal Circulation. Uniform metal circulation creates uniform chemistry and temperature throughout the molten bath, and affords the most accurate overall temperature control.
  • Lowest Temperature Differential between inductor and main hearth molten metal. Eliminates thermal cycling, eliminates hot spots, increases refractory life, lowers operating and maintenance costs.

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic®, a subsidiary of Park-Ohio Holdings Corporation®, designs and manufactures world class induction heating and melting equipment for various industries and applications throughout the world.



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