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Heat Treating

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Induction heat treating has become an essential operation in the development of manufacturing cells. There is no longer a need to have floor space assigned for part storage. Repetitive handling has been virtually eliminated. Parts are processed sequentially, usually one or two at a time, with precise control over every operating variable in the heat treating process. In addition, a well-documented part history can be maintained for each and every part providing accurate records that today’s customers demand.

Creative inductor developments and the use of computer-assisted designs have rapidly expanded the range of induction heat treating applications. Induction heating has proven to be fast, energy efficient, easily controlled, and puts the heat where you want it when you want it. There is no idle time and no massive refractory to heat and cool as there is with traditional batch furnaces.

Innovation and technology is only part of the offering Ajax TOCCO provides to the market. Equipment performance and reliability are equally important in any manufacturing environment. We make the extra effort to design into our systems the integrity needed for reliable operation under high production conditions. Each system is fully tested. Our metallurgical staff assures process parameters are satisfied before the equipment is shipped. If customer support is required after shipment, Ajax TOCCO provides a range of aftermarket services including technical assistance and service using our 24 hour service hotline. Multiple repair centers located around the world offer extensive inductor repair, equipment maintenance and operator training. Ajax Tocco has developed power supplies that free the user of the one frequency, one job syndrome. Ajax Tocco's heat treating equipment and solid state power supplies were specifically developed for induction applications. They enable the user to accommodate part variations and patterns with very little effort. Ajax Tocco's variable dynamic frequency approach provides the user with the capability to tune to a specific load, enhance pattern development and improve the production flexibility of any induction system.

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