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Coreless Furnaces

Hollow Bar Coil
For large coreless furnaces, only Ajax TOCCO uses heavy well extruded copper for free standing strength and rigidity. Each turn of the coil is supported by a number of heliarc welded studs bolted to vertical support posts to guard against mechanical vibration. No clamping is required and all joints are heliarc welded to guard against water leaks. Run outs tend to freeze against the coil face, preventing costly damage.

Steel Melting
Iron Melting
Copper Based Alloys

Coreless Furnace Hollow Bar Coil

Positive Coil Spacing
Coil spacing is vitally important to refractory curing. Ajax TOCCO uses a specially developed computer program to insure that spacing is properly maintained. In addition, since the Ajax TOCCO coil is so rigid, it requires no clamping for installation and removal. Multiple coats of insulation formulated for use with Ajax TOCCO furnaces is used and tested up to 15 K.V.

Top Bottom Cooling Coils
Patented top and bottom cooling coils evenly disperse temperature gradients throughout the refractory to prevent over heating and to extend refractory life.


Positive Induction Coil Spacing

Strong Steel Shell
Heavy plate construction insures furnace body rigidity and safety

Furnace Metal Level
Generous free-board is provided to allow metal levels to extend 20 to 25% above the power coil. This free-board helps control the meniscus of the bath without effecting stirring.


Strong Furnace Steel Shell

Furnace Body
Heavy rolled steel plate provides strength for the entire furnace assembly. Flux returning yokes are bolted directly through the furnace shell to support the power coil. The added shell strength provides positive support for all the furnace components, especially when tilting for pouring. All the load is tied back to the shell of the furnace and not the coil and refractory, adding to the life of the refractory.

Flux Shielding
A heavy gauge aluminum bottom plate and a water cooled copper ring placed above the cooling coil minimizes flux losses, prevents overheating and excessive electrical losses.


Induction Furnace Body with Flux Shielding

Pacer Power
Pacer melting systems practically eliminate operator involvement. Even when furnace levels are at 1/3, 1/2 or full, Pacer automatically delivers full power at the highest efficiency possible and controlled at levels as low as one percent. There is no tap changing or load matching transformers to worry about in sizes up to 750 KW. You can use different furnace sizes with the same power supply and as an option, interface boards are available for remote control monitoring needs.

Pacer Melting System


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