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Furnace Technology

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic manufactures a wide range of furnaces to accommodate your melting needs. As the leader in channel furnace technology, we continue to refine the design of our world famous Jet Flow inductor, breaking the 8000 kW barrier and allowing the successful start up of the largest channel furnace in the world. Click the following links to learn more about our selection of furnaces:

Channel Furnaces 
Coreless Furnaces 
Rollover Furnaces

System offerings and capabilities include:

  • HPD – High Power Density furnaces (4 – 20 tons)
  • Shunted steel frame furnaces
  • Medium and large capacity steel shell furnaces
  • Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) furnaces
  • Box furnaces
  • Dual output power supplies with a wide conductance range
  • Lift/Swing furnaces
  • Lift coil furnaces
  • Lab furnaces
  • Rotary drum furnaces
  • Vertiplex furnaces
  • Precious metal melting systems
  • Super heaters
  • Side mount and dual pump water systems
  • Complete turn-key solutions for installation and construction

Furnace Sizing
Furnace sizing starts with the understanding of how the molten metal is to be utilized. What is the largest pour, how often, total volume per hour of production? The largest pour can determine the required furnace size, however if multiple furnaces are planned and the large pour is rarely required, multiple furnaces can be simultaneously used and thereby reduce the size of the average furnace.

Typically, the hourly volume of molten metal determines the furnace size, unless multiple furnaces are utilized simultaneously. Charging, prepping, and pouring the furnace on the basis of a one-hour cycle, is the most common practice in foundries today. Therefore, a production rate of 2000 pounds per hour would indicate the need for a 2000-pound capacity furnace.

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