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Fluxless Brazing Systems

Technical demands made in production and assembly equipment are leading manufacturers of brazing systems to develop new technical innovations to improve productivity and quality. The most pronounced new trend in brazing technology is controlled atmosphere induction brazing due to its cleanliness in production and superior finished product appearance.

Controlled atmosphere induction brazing in an oxygen-free environment produces exceptional joint quality in a fluxless environment without scaling or oxidation. The induction coil in most cases is within the closed inert atmosphere environment for selective heating of the braze area. In some others the inductor may surround a non-conducting containment, such as a quartz tube.

These production systems can be as simple as a bell jar where the parts are positioned for process, heated and cooled under the protective containment. Automated multi-station systems allow continuous loading of assemblies into fixturing having a positive flow of inert gas designed to index through the heating and cooling needs of the braze assembly. After the heating is completed at the first station, the remaining stations are provided for cool down. To increase production multiple parts can be brazed in a single heat.

Shield gas selections include all noble gasses depending upon the parts to be processed although the most common are nitrogen, argon and hydrogen.


  • Little or no clean up of the finished brazed assembly
  • Removal of fluxing preparation, application and clean up steps
  • The shield gas shroud and tooling serve as work piece locator
  • Efficient energy usage by on demand selective heating
  • Near single piece flow with reduced inventory over conventional batch processing
  • Reduced distortion by heating only the area to be brazed


Results with Conventional Brazing
Conventional Brazing

Results using Fluxless Brazing
Fluxless Brazing

Universal Single, Dual or Rotary Station

  • Can be used with a variety of brazing fixtures to produce continuous or mixed production in process
  • Maximum up time through easy access for tooling changeover and maintenance operations
  • Tooling Identification with stored process program in each tooling cassette
  • Multi-part brazing fixture capability (2, 3 or more parts simultaneously at each station)
  • Integrated Induction Heating Power Supply with touch screen for status and process data
  • Individually controlled power supplies available on dual station
  • Adaptable for shield gas controls and flow monitoring of pure Nitrogen or Nitrogen/Hydrogen mixture
  • Adaptable for braze tooling designed with chambers providing atmosphere cover during process heating and cooling


Integrated Dual Sation System
Integrated dual station system with optical
pyrometer sensing


Universal Single
Single Fluxless Brazing Platform

Universal Dual
Dual Fluxless Brazing Platform

Interchangeable Applications Cassette

Induction Coil Assembly

Universal single and dual station platforms are the foundations to integrate application specific features including
shield gas controls, process tooling, coil assemblies, temperature sensing and process controls.


Interchangeable applications cassette with inert
gas cover enclosures and induction coil assembly

Rotary Table Brazing
Rotary Brazing Table
Utilizing the modular concept of the single and dual station universal
brazing system, the rotary dial allows for even greater production
capabilities. Beyond the operator loading station, the first cassette is
under power and brazing while the successive stations are used for
continuous gas cooling of the parts preventing oxidation.

Controlled Power Supplies
Independently controlled power supplies with
braze tooling designed with chambers providing
atmosphere cover of pure Nitrogen or Nitrogen /
Hydrogen mixture

Six Station Dial System
Dial systems available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 station

Turntable Induction Brazing Machine


Process Tooling Cassettes 
System utilizes a variety of brazing fixtures to
produce continuous or mixed production. The
process tooling identification with stored
process parameters are programmed and
identified in each tooling cassette.
Low Cost Table Top Brazing Machine
  • Can be used with a variety of brazing process
  • Up to 10 KW of output capability
  • Ramp & Soak Power Control
  • Adjustable coil height
  • Coil & Fixture Quick Connect
  • Inert gas controls and flow monitoring (Optional)
  • Easy access for tooling changeover and maintenance operation


Table Top Brazing Machine


Universal Inert Gas Conveyor Tube End Annealing / Brazing System
  • Able to process tubing ranging from 3 inches (75 mm) - 51 inches (1300 mm) in length
  • Maximum up time through quick changeovers of tooling assisted with stored process parameter
  • Reduced cycle times through continuous brazing / annealing
  • Integrated PLC for process status and process data
  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Independent gas control and flow monitoring

End Annealing Brazing System


Conveyor Annealing & Brazing Induction Heating Machine

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