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Brazing & Joining

Ajax TOCCO is your partner for Induction Brazing & Atmosphere Brazing Solutions

"DO MORE WITH LESS" - this is the challenge you face every day. Make the most of your existing resources. Maximize your return on new technology. Achieving this balance is difficult. When rising to the challenge, it helps to have a partner - both a technology provider and an expert on how to implement it - that partner is Ajax TOCCO.


Silver brazing a tube and flange assembly Dual station brazing cell with shield gas for fluxless brazing applications
Silver brazing a tube and flange assembly Dual station brazing cell with shield gas for fluxless brazing


Solutions Designed for You
When you have unique requirements, Ajax TOCCO will tailor a solution based on our extensive application experience. Through a combination of standard products and innovative engineering, Ajax TOCCO will meet your most demanding production and quality needs. With a wide range of field-proven solutions, our engineering team can provide the experience and expertise to optimize your process.

A Heritage of Excellence
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic is a leading supplier of induction heating and brazing equipment. Reflecting the proud heritage of more than 85 years of induction brazing and atmosphere braze experience with our group of companies, our personnel and innovative traditions remain central to our strategy and future. Our high-quality standards match our reputation, as does our expertise in process engineering and modernization resulting in stable, long-term solutions that last for decades.

Continuous Innovation
Not only are we one of the worlds largest induction suppliers, we are one of the most progressive market leaders in developing customer-valued new technology. Finite element analysis, process heating simulations, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, application laboratories, and on-staff metallurgists guarantee that our customers always stay ahead of the industry.

Your Process Partner
Through close collaboration and personal attention, Ajax TOCCO is dedicated to sharing our customers’ passion and focus on their business goals. Ajax TOCCO doesn’t just sell equipment, we provide the right solution. We optimize your floor plan. We streamline your energy consumption. By applying our years of experience and knowledge of best practices, our customers are empowered to compete more effectively.

Product Solutions
Our systems capabilities include application review, development, induction heating equipment, process tooling, material handing with installation and commissioning services available to complete a "full turn key" manufacturing solution.

Customer Service and Support
Before the contract is signed and for years beyond start-up, customers can count on Ajax TOCCO. Whether creating a turnkey solution from scratch, retrofitting and updating your existing lines, or evaluating future possibilities, the level of service is the same. Our maintenance specialists are available 24 / 7 and customers can enroll in preventive maintenance contracts to keep their lines up and running.

Ajax TOCCO Support Network
Along with providing each customer personal service, a proven process, and reliable equipment, Ajax TOCCO customers can benefit from the resources of a global corporation. We provide worldwide assistance through our network of regional sales and service engineers. Wherever you are, we can help.


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