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Induction Heat Staking/Plastic Reflow

Precision Induction Heating Solution

Automotive manufacturers are increasingly replacing metals with thermoplastics to manufacture external engine components such as intake manifolds, valve covers and air plenums in order to reduce weight, reduce noise, reduce costs and improve fuel economy. In order to make these new lightweight polymer components durable, threaded brass inserts are pressed into key areas of the parts to receive metal fasteners during engine assembly.

Induction heating by Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation is used to heat up to 20 inserts simultaneously to 200 degrees Centigrade in under 5 seconds. The heated inserts are pressed into the undersized holes in the plastic component. The plastic is slightly melted and reflows around the knurled surface of the inserts creating a permanent bond between the plastic and brass inserts.

Precision machined loop inductors accommodate complex insert arrangements including elevation changes, while maintaining exact uniform heating between all inserts.

Integrated tuning capacitors within the inductors reduce space requirements and allow the inductors to be mounted within the assembly cell while the 450kHz solid state inverter is mounted up to 50ft away.
Induction Heat Staking & Plastic Reflow System

DSP Controlled 450kHz Solid State Inverter
DSP Controlled 450kHz
Solid State Inverter
High Frequency Transfer Switch
High Frequency Transfer Switch
Precision CNC Machined Loop Inductors
Precision CNC Machined
Loop Inductors

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