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Bar & Slab

Advanced Heating Technology
Ajax Tocco has developed solid state induction technology along with innovative inductor designs enabling mills to dramatically improve processes such as bar and slab rolling, and strip processing.

In-Line induction heaters working in conjunction with continuous casting lines save thousand of energy dollars by utilizing casting generated heat and restoring only the additional energy required to reach optimum rolling temperature. Continuous strip heating with strategically placed heating coils that accurately control temperature cycles using only a fraction of the space of conventional heating methods.

Ajax Tocco has manufactured slab heaters for a variety of applications in steel mills including direct in-line heating, slab edge heating, skid mark heating, slab re-heating, and booster heaters to increase production from existing furnaces.
Flexibility is the key for this mill which utilizes Ajax Tocco state-of-the-art controls for heating multiple bar sizes and alloys for hot rolling.
Controlling bar distortion is a key feature of Ajax Tocco quench and temper lines especially for smaller bar diameters.



Using Toccotron AC for Bar End Heating


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