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Equiax/Rollover/Vacum Casting

Equiax Casting
In the Equiax casting process, ceramic molds are preheated to a controlled temperature. The temperature is slightly below the solidification point of the alloy so that when the alloy is poured into the mold, it freezes rapidly forming a uniform grain structure. This microstructure is characterized by small round grains relatively equal in size, known as Equiax grains.

Whether you are manufacturing hot zone components for IGT engines or precision racing parts, variables such as mold temperature, oven-to-pour times, smooth mold positioning, alloy temperature, condensate control, and vacuum levels are critical to high quality product in Equiax processing. Ajax TOCCO's engineers are sensitive to these needs and have included many unique designs in the standard casting unit to help give your company the competitive advantage. In addition to these standard features we offer concurrent engineering to help incorporate your unique requirements and features specific to Equiax processing into the casting system.

Rollover / Vacuum Casting 
Ajax TOCCO designs and manufactures induction rollover furnace systems and vacuum assist casting systems for the production of high integrity investment castings. These processes are particularly significant for castings incorporating thin-walled cross sections. The company also integrates robotic mold handling to minimize process variability and to reduce labor costs.

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