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Metal Powder Atomization/Strip Casting

Metal Powder Atomization Metal powder atomization and strip casting equipment
Typical metal powder atomization technology is used for the production of hydrogen storage alloys, thermal spray coatings, metal injection molding powders, rare earth magnets, brazing metals and nickel based superalloys. These powders are used in a wide variety of applications, including aerospace, industrial gas turbines, fuel cell and pharmaceutical. The process often combines a vacuum induction melting furnace for melting and refining with a tundish and inert gas nozzle system for the kinetic energy dispersion of the melt stream. Spin and wheel casting processes can also be used for the production of some metal powders.

Ajax TOCCO designs and manufactures specialized strip and powder production systems using a variety of thermal technologies including; induction melting, plasma and induction skull melting among others. A protective or controlled atmosphere environment can be provided to accommodate the specific application.

Strip Casting
The strip casting process provides rapid quenching of molten materials necessary to develop an amorphous structure.

Ajax TOCCO designs and manufactures strip casting systems for the controlled atmosphere production of powdered and amorphous metals. The company specializes in applications involving induction susceptor heating and melting.

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