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TOCCOtron AC 5/25kW Power Supply

 TOCCOtron AC 5/25kW Power Supply FEATURES
  • 230/480 Vac 3 Input.
  • MOSFET chopper control.
  • IGBT based current source inverter.
  • Air-cooled design.
  • Automatic load matching circuitry.
  • Remote control capability with built in PLC interface.
  • Built-in protection.


  • Easily installed in most industrial electrical systems.
  • Improved efficiency and power factor (exceeds .84).
  • Wide frequency range (10-50 kHz) and increased durability.
  • Plant water not required, which adds to the simplicity.
  • Inductor and part changes can be made without additional tuning.
  • Easily adapted to existing automated fixtures and machines.
  • Increased uptime

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