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Ajax TOCCO Expands Aftermarket Sales Resources
(2/13/2017)  Ajax TOCCO proudly maintains a team of highly skilled technicians strategically located throughout...

Ajax TOCCO Supplies Bright Annealing Induction Furnace
(10/14/2016)  Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic recently shipped a bright annealing induction furnace to a major stainless steel tube manufacturer...

Ajax TOCCO Announces New General Manager – Aftermarket Sales
(7/14/2016)  Ajax TOCCO welcomes Joe Hawkins as General Manager of Aftermarket Sales...

Ajax TOCCO Supplies Induction Billet Heating System
(6/14/2016)  Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic recently shipped a 1000 kW PowerZone billet heating system to LC Manufacturing...

Ajax TOCCO Supplies 100kHz Induction Dryer for Steel Strip Coating
(1/8/2016)  As the innovator of strip heating systems, equipment like this can be packaged and used in several...

Ajax TOCCO Supplies Air-Cooled Induction Weld Preheat System
(8/17/2015)  The customer also cited a simple, robust design in addition to the light weight (hand carried), 100% aircooled...

Ajax TOCCO Supplies Induction Heater for FBE Coating System at L.B. Foster
(3/2/2015)  Advanced Pipe Coating Equipment Increases Birmingham Plant Capacity

Ajax TOCCO to Supply 30T Channel Induction Zinc Holding Furnace to Mining Company
(3/1/2015)  Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation received an order from a large mining company in Mexico for a stationary channel induction furnace for holding molten Zinc

Ajax TOCCO Supplied Three Temper Ovens to Automotive Supplier
(11/26/2014)  Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation supplied three Temper Ovens to a major automotive parts manufacturer in Mexico for...

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic to Upgrade Bar Heating Line
(11/12/2014)  Ajax TOCCO has received an order to upgrade an existing bar heating line at a major worldwide steel company in the Midwest.

Successful Start-up of Two 350T Hot-Dip Galvanizing Pots for Automotive Line at European Steel Strip Producer
(10/16/2013)  The line is now able to produce galvanized strip with two types of coating alloy.

European Recycler of Precious Metals Orders Two Medium Frequency Coreless Induction Melting Furnaces from Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic
(8/22/2013)  Two Medium Frequency Coreless Induction Melting Furnaces Ordered by European Recycler of Precious Metals

Ajax TOCCO Awarded Order for Induction Scanner to Harden Transmission Components
(4/11/2013)  Ajax TOCCO has been awarded an order for an industrial duty, dual-spindle servo controlled vertical scanner to induction harden inner rings used in transmissions.

Ajax Tocco Recognized for Contributions
(12/6/2012)  Ajax Tocco Recognized for Contributions to Youngstown State University’s Collaborative

Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Shanghai Commissioned an 18MW, 60MTPH Induction Heating Furnace
(3/1/2012)  The 7-5/8” OD, 0.250” to 0.550” wall carbon steel mother tube is formed in an ERW welding mill before entering the innovative 18MW, 60MTPH Ajax furnace system...

(1/10/2011)  Ajax Tocco Magnethermic has acquired the assets and intellectual property formerly known as Pillar from ABP Induction.

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